Grocery iQ
How do I use Grocery iQ?
The most effective way to utilize Grocery iQ is to add items that you purchase frequently to your Favorites by clicking "+" from the Favorites tab and selecting items to build your list. You can then quickly add items to your Lists by selecting items from the Favorites tab. Just tap the circle next to each item in your Favorites and click "Add to List."

Add one-time purchase items that aren't in your Favorites directly to your lists from the List tab.

When you're at the store, check items off your list by tapping on the items to keep track of what you've placed in your cart. When you tap "Checkout," the items you've checked off will be moved to your History and cleared from your list! The items you have not checked off will remain on your list so that you will know what you still need to purchase.
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Where can I find the list of groceries to choose from?
Go to the Lists tab and choose a store for which you want to add new items. Then, click the "+" button at the top right hand corner of the screen. Begin typing the name of an item to start browsing the available selection.
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How do I scan a barcode?
From your list, click the "+" button. Select the 'Scan' button in the green bar and a camera view will appear. Line up your phone with the product barcode using the on-screen guides; the camera will then automatically capture the barcode. If the item is in Grocery iQ's product database, the product name will be displayed. If you are unable to scan the barcode, you can select the adjacent 'Enter Barcode' button and type in the product's UPC code numbers instead. The UPC is usually listed right below the barcode.
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How do I use the multiple stores feature?
You can create different grocery lists for different stores. To create a new store, go to the Stores tab and tap the "+" button at the upper right hand corner.

To add an item for a specific store, go to that store's list. Then, click the "+" button at the upper right hand corner of the screen to find and add the desired item.

If you've already added an item to an individual store list or to the "Any Store" list, you can move it to a different list. Tap the blue arrow next to the item, and you will be taken to the "Edit Item" screen. There, tap the "Store" cell and select the store to whose list you want to move the item.
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How do I view a different store list?
To view a different store list, go to the Lists screen and tap the store name displayed in the center of the green bar at the top. This will display all the stores that have been added to your Grocery iQ. Tap on the store whose list you would like to view.
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Can I assign an item to multiple stores?
No, but you can add an item to your "Any Stores" list.
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What does the "Store Items Only" setting do?
Let's say this setting is turned on for one of the stores you've created, "Drug Store." When viewing the "Drug Store" list, only items that have been specifically assigned to this store will be displayed. If the setting is turned off, you will see both items that have been specifically assigned to this store AND items assigned to "Any Store."
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How do I change the order of the aisles?
To change the aisle layout for a store, go to the Stores tab, tap the arrow next to the store name, and then tap "Change Aisles". Drag and drop the aisles into the order you prefer by touching the three gray bars next to each aisle name.
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Can I use my voice to create shopping lists?
You can use your voice to add items to your shopping list. To do this, select the 'microphone' icon on the item Search bar. Wait for the prompt, speak your item name. The item name should appear in the search list on screen. Select the item you want and it will be added to your list.
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Nothing happens when I tap the email button.
Make sure that the email application on your device is able to send email messages. You must have at least one email account set up on the device. If you continue to have problems, email Grocery iQ support at
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I emailed my list to my husband. How does he import it into his Grocery iQ?
Emailed lists cannot be imported into Grocery iQ. In order to share your list so that someone else can use it on his or her own Grocery iQ, you must sync lists.
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How does list sync work?
You can share your list with multiple people by sending an invitation to sync with them. If anyone with access to the list makes a change to it, everyone's list will reflect that change. List sharing can be turned off at any time and will not delete or affect existing lists. You can also invite more people to share a list at any time.

Note that you can only be either a host or an invitee. If you invite person A to sync with you, you cannot accept person B's invitation to sync without severing your link with person A. Similarly, if you've accepted invitations to sync with persons B, C and D, you cannot invite person A to sync with you without severing your links with persons B, C and D.
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How do I sync my lists with another device?
In the "More" tab, click "Account." Then, click "List Sharing." Turn List Sharing on by tapping the circle next to "On" and then send an invitation to the people you'd like to sync with. If they accept your invitation, every change you make to your list will be applied to their devices, and vice versa.
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How do I send coupons to my email account?
Go to the Coupons tab and "clip" coupons from the Coupons gallery. Then, select "View Cart" at the bottom of the screen. From there, select "Email Coupons." Enter the email address to which you want to send the coupons. The email will contain instructions on how to print the coupons.
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How do I save coupons to my Savings Card?
In order to add coupons to your Savings Card, you must be logged in to and have added an eligible Savings Card to your account. In the Coupons tab, select "Savings Card." Then, select the coupons you would like to save and tap "Add."

Currently, Grocery iQ only supports Club Cards from the Safeway™ family of stores.
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How do I add a Savings Card to my account?
First, log in to your account from the More tab using your username and password. If you do not have a account, select "Register" and create an account. Once you are logged in, select the "Savings Card" menu. From there, select "Add Savings Card" and enter your Savings Card number.
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How do I find my Savings Card number?
Contact Safeway's customer support on the web, or call 877-723-3929 Mon-Fri 9am-9pm Eastern Time, 8am-9pm Central, Mountain, and Pacific Time.
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How do I get a Savings Card?
Click here for information on how to get one.
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How do I change Grocery iQ settings?
Select "Settings" from your device's Home screen. Then, select "Grocery iQ" from the list of options.
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I turned off the in-app Help feature. How do I turn it back on?
Go to Settings, then switch "Show Help Again" to "ON."
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